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Agatha Christie’s seminal play ‘The Mousetrap’ is not only a well loved theatre piece, but a classic of it’s genre.  This is a much loved play that has been celebrated by audiences and critics alike for nearly sixty years.  This is a text that combines sharp wit and well observed realism with an intriguing storyline that features edge of your seat tension.  This is, of course, nothing less than you would expect from the remarkably talented Christie, who rose to be the great master of the genre of the whodunit.  ‘The Mousetrap’ is another fine example of her work, and, like the rest of her exceptional output, continues to command the attention of the world.

Agatha Christie was born in 1890, and lived to see the year of 1976, through two world wars and great cultural change.  However, despite the shifting tectonics of history, she remained most interested in the subtleties of human characterisation, and the examination of the problem of evil.  Christie’s whodunits are not only remarkable exercises in the art of plot construction and character creation, for they also gaze deep into the darkness of the human spirit, and portray with chilling accuracy the depths to which it can sink.  She continuously tests her readers and audiences with her twists of plot, and the creation of pathos with characters who turn out to be utterly reprehensible.

She has been well rewarded for her efforts: she history’s highest selling author of books, with the bible being the only thing that has outsold her!  Books aside, her play ‘The Mousetrap’ is also responsible for breaking records.  Remarkably, it has run without stopping since it’s opening in 1952, now having being performed over twenty four thousand times.

As with so much of Christie’s work, the play begins with the premise of a murder.  Set in the opulence of Monkswell Manor, which has recently been converted into a guest house by the couple Mollie and Giles Ralston, many strange characters arrive to stay.  These include Christopher Wren, a weird young man with an undisclosed past; Mrs Boyle a complaining old lady; Major Metcalf, a former office; and Miss Casewell, another woman with strange habits.

The play is well known for it’s twist ending that upends all your expectations.  This is a fantastic piece of theatre that you should definitely take the time to see: the unabated public appetite for sixty years of continuous performances should be enough to convince even the most sceptical that this is something to be excited about.

Booking From: Thursday, 20th September 2018

Booking Until: Saturday, 30th March 2019

Running Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Age Restriction: Recommended for ages 12 and over.

Important Info: We recommend patrons arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the show start time.  Please note that the theatre are no longer accepting bags into the theatre cloakrooms. St Martins Theatre will continue to carry out bag searches and accept there may be some delays to patrons, please be aware that your bags will need to be checked before being seated.

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